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The following list of projects covers almost two decades of collaborations and partnerships for the benefit of wildlife across the United States and around the world.

While our primary focus is providing permanent protection and humane stewardship for our network of wildlife sanctuaries, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust also forms partnerships to further help wildlife by sustaining vital habitat. The Trust also provides financial support to critical projects to enable the protection of large parcels of land, and to assist with habitat connectivity of protected species.  These projects are all rooted in our commitment to provide wildlife with safe places to live and thrive -- forever.

Conservation PROJECTS

  • elk

    American Wildlands

    HSWLT supported American Wildlands in their Highway 206 wildlife underpass project to create safe passage for elk during migration and other aspects of their “Corridors of Life” program. Learn more 

  • Leatherback turtle

    ARCAS Project

    ARCAS is a Guatemalan non-profit organization formed in 1989 to build a rescue center that has grown into one of the largest and most complex rescue centers in the world. Learn more 

  • Gray wolf

    Bacon Creek Project

    Bacon Creek has seen extensive conflict between wildlife advocates and domestic livestock interests. But a consortium, including the HSWLT, created an agreement that left 180,000 acres permanently closed to domestic livestock grazing. Learn more 

  • Bison calf

    Bison Grazing

    A coalition, led by HSWLT, secured migratory access and grazing rights for a herd of bison across private lands along the northeast boundary Yellowstone National Park. In the past, exclusionary fencing has been a barrier to all migration. Learn more 

  • Mountain lion

    Cougar Fund Project

    The Cougar Fund protects the cougar throughout the Americas by educating children and adults on the value of cougars, promoting the use of science, and monitoring policies to assure a lasting place for this graceful creature. Learn more 

  • caribou

    Darkwoods Project

    The Darkwoods Project showed how a diverse coalition can achieve conservation goals that could not have been met by any one group alone. It is a model for the future planning and acquisition in the conservation community. Learn more 

  • Environmental Reclamation Team

    The Environmental Reclamation Team, a division of the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew, has used trained volunteers working with law enforcement and haz-mat professionals to clean up hundreds of marijuana grow sites in California since 2006. Learn more 

  • Bear

    Friends of Centennial Valley

    The Centennial Valley (Montana) provides a critical corridor for grizzlies and other wildlife who travel from Yellowstone to the northern Rockies. Learn more 

  • Coatimundi

    Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Belize

    Nearly 10,000 acres of irreplaceable rainforest and related wildlife habitats in Belize’s Golden Stream watershed are protected by a cooperative agreement entered into by HSWLT and a number of NGOs and local agencies. Learn more 

  • Grand Canyon Trust

    Imagine a vast, remote, and wild landscape neighboring the Grand Canyon and spanning across and around the recently created Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Human presence is rare here, but life abounds in unexpected places. Learn more 

  • Spirit bear

    Great Bear Rainforest

    HSWLT and other animal protection and conservation groups are joining forces with Coastal First Nations in a historic campaign to protect bears from cruel and unsustainable trophy hunts in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. Learn more 

  • Mouflon sheep


    Water guzzlers collect and provide water to free-roaming animals in areas subject to periodic drought conditions. This program purchases and installs guzzlers on HSWLT wildlife sanctuaries to provide year-round water sources. Learn more 

  • Hawksbill Turtle

    Hawksbill Turtle Project

    This habitat project addressed the crisis of wild turtles who were coming ashore to nest and then being lured to a former guano mining pit that has since flooded. The mortality risk was extremely high. Learn more 

  • Gray wolf

    Keep Wolves Protected in Michigan

    Across the United States, the wolf has been persecuted and hunted to the point of near extinction. HSWLT supports this group who are working to maintain the protected status for wolves in Michigan. Learn more 

  • Mule Deer Initiative

    HSWLT is joining forces with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to help protect and support the native mule deer population. Learn more 

  • Bison

    North Rim Basin

    The American Bison is a symbol of the American West and needs protection now to maintain a healthy population. HSWLT is hopeful that free-ranging bison in the Grand Canyon region become a reality. Learn more 

  • Jaguar

    Northern Jaguar Project

    The Northern Jaguar Project is a bi-national organization formed to preserve the core population of jaguars in the northern Sonoran Desert and the southwestern United States. Learn more 

  • Prairie dog

    Prairie Dog Education Center

    The Prairie Dog Education and Public Information Center includes a minimally invasive walking path around the protected prairie dog colony. HSWLT provided money to create a matching fund to help fundraising. Learn more 

  • Vital Ground Foundation

    Vital Ground Foundation and HSWLT have partnered on a number of important wildlife habitat initiatives. All of these efforts are dedicated to reconnecting isolated fragments of wildlands important for grizzly recovery and biodiversity. Learn more 

  • Working Dogs for Conservation

    Working Dogs for Conservation

    HSWLT teamed up with Working Dogs for Conservation Foundation (WDCF) to conduct scientific investigations of keystone species on sanctuaries, beginning with grizzly bears, wolverines, and wolves in Centennial Valley, Montana. Learn more 


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