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The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust depends upon generous and compassionate landowners who are willing to donate a conservation easement or title to their property.

So, if the land we protect is donated, why do we need your financial support? Read more here.

Tax ID Number

The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust tax identification number is 52-1808517.

Financial Statements

To keep members apprised of our financial situation, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust makes available its most recent IRS Form 990. The document is available for download here in PDF format.

Please note: these are large files and may be slow to download:

2019 IRS Form 990

2018 IRS Form 990

2017 IRS Form 990

State Registrations

Some states require charities to file certain financial documents with them and some require certain disclosures, and we cheerfully honor all of these requirements. To find out if your state is one of them—and for information on how to request them from your state, or if your state makes them available to you—visit Obtaining Financial Information About the Trust. We are proud to be one of the most transparent charities when it comes to sharing our financial information with our supporters, and we encourage you to check out our financial statements and annual reports.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator has decided not to rate land trusts.

Their statement says:

"Why doesn’t Charity Navigator evaluate Land Trusts and Preserves anymore?
Due to the nature of their operations, land trusts and preserves have the potential to realize wild fluctuations in revenue from year to year due to inconsistencies associated with large land acquisitions and donations of valuable real property. To further complicate matters, within the sector there remains some disagreement as to how certain related expenses should be reported on the IRS Form 990. Inconsistent factors may yield inconsistent evaluations over time and so in keeping with our promise to provide reliable information and to evaluate all charities fairly, we have decided to no longer evaluate charities classified as Land Trusts and Preserves."

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